Construction activity often imposes or relieves loads on adjacent structures potentially causing movement and damage to the structure. In the worst cases, catastrophic failure can lead to a loss of life. For this reason monitoring of the adjacent structures is crucial to the protection of the structure as well as the contractor performing the work. CEC primary focus is providing monitoring in compliance with NYC Building Code 3309.16 and the necessary documentation required during inspections.


Full service Monitoring

CEC provides cost-effective full service monitoring of adjacent structures including:

  • Pre-Construction Surveys
  • Tell Tale Installation/Monitoring
  • Remote Vibration Monitoring
  • Optical Monitoring by a Licensed Surveyor

Real time reporting

Continuous monitoring of excessive vibrations and instantaneous reporting allows management to know the effect of construction activities on the adjacent structures. CEC can report any events to multiple people from multiple levels of management allowing the free and rapid flow of information. This can provide the assurance that issues and potential catastrophic damage to the adjacent structure will be addressed.


Onsite documentation

CEC will provide all necessary documentation that will satisfy the requirements of the DOB. A binder will be provided with the pre-construction surveys, monitoring plan, and baseline monitoring reports. Weekly, or more frequent if necessary, CEC will provide reports with the engineer's review of data and compliance with the monitoring plan. These reports will be added to the monitoring binder to ensure compliance.