Cruickshanks Engineering & Consulting will bring General contracting expertise from the project design phase through turnover.

Delays and cost overruns often stem from incomplete or uncoordinated designs and an incomplete picture of existing site conditions. During the design phase, we can review plans in order to find and address the issues that contractor will run into that would cause delays and change orders, saving the project time and money.  Most major change orders come from during the excavation phase of a project where unforeseen conditions lead increased costs and loss of time due to redesign, additional testing, or contractor remobilization.  We can review the projects site during the design phase to get a whole picture of what is underground and the proper information required to limit change orders and ensure a smooth excavation and foundation phase to get the project out of the ground.

During construction we can provide oversight of your project to ensure smooth and timely execution of the construction. Our experience brings the knowledge of what can and will delay projects without proper advance planning on the part of the contractor or design team. Our technical knowledge on all aspects of the projects, including Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Suppression System, lets us review change orders for accuracy in both technical aspects and cost to ensure that the owner is getting the best value for the services rendered.

Our experience in closing out and turning over buildings will ease the transition, ensuring that the contractor is preparing all the necessary areas required for long lead time inspections, third party special inspectors are providing the proper paperwork, as-builts are in order, and all necessary items for closeout.  

We look forward to bringing our services to your project.  Please do not hesitate to call with any questions regarding your needs.